• What Every Woman Deserves: An Interview with Caamo Kane

    Posted: Apr 04 2014

        The number one question people ask designers is what gives them inspiration.  For Cecily, it’s the time when she lived in Senegal and witnessing first hand how Senegalese women dressed on a day to day basis.  While there, Cecily worked at the Senegalese American Bilingual School, which is where she met Caamo Kane.  Since then, Caamo’s gone on to Medical School and she’s spearheading an amazing campaign to help women during the most sacred moments of their lives.  We caught up with Caamo to hear all about it.    SC:   Tell us about yourself.  Caamo:   I’m 31 years old.  My father is Senegalese and my mother is American.   I studied Women’s Health at Spelman College for my undergrad degree, then I received my MBA from ISM and I’m currently in Medical School in Senegal.  I’m passionate about women's health & wellbeing, preserving the environment, community service, entrepreneurship.   ...
  • Simply Cecily at the GRAMMYs!

    Posted: Mar 31 2014

     If you know me, I don’t really watch TV.  I’d much rather listen to some music, sit down at the sewing machine or play with my mini me.  But on January 26th, I was excited about watching The GRAMMYs because I was hoping to get a glimpse of one of my dresses on the red carpet.  Well that didn’t happen BUT the fact that two amazing women, Singer Deborah Bond and Wendi Cherry (Executive Director of The Recording Academy® – D.C. Chapter) were wearing Simply Cecily at events during Grammy’s week was enough for me.  So, last week I sat down with them and wanted to share their story with all of you!   Cecily: Thank you both so much for talking with me.  Wendi, tell us about what led you to your position at The Recording Academy.    Wendi: Upon college graduation, I worked at the Apollo Theatre in...
  • Changing Lives, One Reveal at a Time

    Posted: Mar 31 2014

    Cecily: What brought you to founding African Ancestry?   Gina: I had a career in product management where I launched new products and line extensions. I always wanted to market to African American communities but didn’t have the opportunity.  So when I decided to leave, I met Dr. Rick Kettles and he had the ability to trace people’s African ancestry, but he didn’t have the infrastructure.  Creating African Ancestry with him gave me the opportunity to use my skill set and market something that had never existed before to a group of people that I’m passionate about.    Cecily: Why did you believe that there was a demand for such a service?   Gina: I didn’t know the exact demand, but I did know that the community was demanding it of Rick, my partner. There was a newspaper that found out about Rick’s work and he became inundated with requests....
  • Catching Up with Mumu Fresh!

    Posted: Aug 08 2013

    If you’re not familiar with Maimouna Youssef, you’ve been missing out.  Maimouna, who also goes by Mumu Fresh, is an amazing singer, songwriter and emcee. She recently hooked up with Common for the Rock the Bells Tour and guess who she’s been rocking?  Yup, Simply Cecily! And I absolutely love how she’s been styling each piece.  The other day we sat down and here are some of the things she shared with me:   Cecily: What do you love most about being an artist?   Maimouna: I love the creativity that you get to have and the freedom to make up your own rules as an artist.  Art is like therapy. You get a chance to be your own therapist and somebody else’s therapist too.   Cecily: My mom is an artist and I know your mom is a singer too. What was it like growing up under her?  ...

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