About Us

Simply Cecily is a contemporary women’s clothing line that fuses the traditionally stylish nature of West African women with the contemporary flair of American design. The line is known for its use of rich vibrant fabrics and amazing silhouettes. The designs are simply Cecily – a reflection of who she is as an African American designer, entrepreneur, wife, sister and friend. They represent a lot of women today who want to express who they are through their clothing.  Inspired by her mother, Cecily Stewart Habimana began designing and making clothes as a young girl.  By the time she reached high school, she had launched her own label Simply Cecily by making African-inspired clothes for friends, family and clientele.  After receiving her MBA from George Washington University in 2009, Cecily spent a year in Senegal teaching and immersing herself in the culture. While there, she was truly inspired by the true elegance of Senegalese women and how they dressed on a day-to-day basis.

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